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in the very heart of Warsaw


Borpince [borpince] is a restaurant and a wine bar inspired by Hungarian tradition and supervised by a half-blood Hungarian, Beata Trón-Nowak. The name Borpince literally translates as a wine cellar, but we did not only choose it because of the location – charming and atmospheric cellars of a pre-war tenement house. You can find here a selection of more than 100 fantastic wines from the best vineyards and wine regions of Hungary.  The menu features dishes that combine Hungarian flavours with modern food preparation and serving techniques. Borpince means Hungary in the very heart of Warsaw.



Borpince serves dishes that combine original Hungarian flavours with modern food preparation and serving techniques. The menu at Borpince is dynamic, based on carefully selected seasonal products, and brought straight from Hungary. You can find here Hungarian delicacies, such as foie gras, the Mangalica or chestnut puree, which are certain to bring back the memories from Hungary.

Nowoczesna kuchnia węgierska
Azyl węgierskich smaków



Borpince restaurant and wine bar is a special place located in the basement of a historic tenement house. It is the only restaurant in Warsaw where you can taste almost 100 carefully selected wines from all the regions of Hungary and also try modern variations on traditional dishes of Magyar cuisine, with the flavours typical of the originals from Tokaj, Debrecen or Budapest perfectly preserved.