Dine in the Dark | Borpince

Dine in the Dark

We are proud to inform you that we are the first in Poland, and so far the only one in Warsaw, together with Wyjątkowy Prezent, to become a part of dine in the dark project. Dine In The Dark is a unique type of meal that takes place in complete darkness, to which our sight cannot adjust, even after spending there more then and an hour and a half. Our guests can enjoy unforgettable moments, tasting dishes whose ingredients remain a mystery till the end of the event. It is an extraordinary culinary experience, which with the removal of visual stimuli, enhances the remaining senses, thus making the meal a completely new adventure. The serving staff uses night-vision devices to serve specially prepared dishes in pitch darkness, and together with the “voice” of the host take care of the comfort of the participants of the dinner. Dine in the dark is surely the most innovative culinary offer and additional attraction available at Borpince.


Vouchers and booking are available exclusively via: www.dineinthedark.pl