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About us

Borpince is a place that was set up in 2005 and was born out of our family passion for food wine, dining and atmospheric interiors. We have always kept an open house, brimming with guests at all times. My dad used to cook in a traditional way, while my mother would add a pinch of style and originality, I used to select the wines and my sister was in charge of the decorations. The dining room was the heart of our house, and the table was never empty. Nothing bonds the family better than the time spent together at the table!
Opening a Hungarian restaurant was not a random idea. My parents have been involved in restaurant business since the 1980s. My father, Zoltan Trón is a Hungarian and he came to Poland following his Polish wife many years ago. He has always dreamt of creating a place in Warsaw that would help him introduce Hungarian culture to his wide circle of friends. It was Zoltan who was the originator and the driving force behind the opening of Borpince. Because of a close relationship with the exceptionally numerous Hungarian part of my family, I feel strongly connected to Magyar culture and motivated to carry out my father’s plan with unwavering enthusiasm.

Introduce Hungary to the Poles,
win their heart through their stomach,
establish a Hungarian enclave in the heart of Warsaw,
drink many glasses of delicious Hungarian wine,
enjoy some time together at the table in a pleasant atmosphere.

These are deeply rooted practices that I try to observe on a daily basis. These are my personal goals that I strive to meet together with my team at Borpince.


Beata Trón-Nowak